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In the world of branding and public relations, there’s a point where creativity meets technology, and that point is For Impact Group (FIG).
Our story is about turning ideas into impact, led by our founder, Hala Wahba.
Hala’s journey began with a passion for making a difference. With over 20 years of experience in communication campaigns, she saw a future where the best tried and true strategies join forces with emerging digital solutions. This ushered in the birth of FIG.

Before FIG, Hala’s role as a Managing Director and Partner at CC Plus gave her firsthand knowledge of what it takes to create outstanding content, meet client needs, and guide teams. Now, she’s bringing that expertise and much more to FIG.

With a track record of working with big names like Credit Agricole, Emaar, Ericsson, Misr University for Science & Technology (MUST) Narrative PR Summit and El-Sewedy Electric, Hala’s formula for success is clear: combine strategy with visibility and strong relationships.

Also, she had 13 years in the banking industry at ADIB Egypt & Arab Bank, building extensive expertise in corporate communication, public administration, budget management, and customer relationship management. This approach worked across sectors, and by utilizing it, there’s no challenge that FIG can’t tackle.

Do not hesitate to ask us about Digital Marketing Agency services. We may be the decisive step in your life. Contact us now ,or follow up on our social media Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Company Goals


On a mission to invigorate PR and digital solutions, FIG employs its forward-thinking mindset and smart tools to help businesses make savvy choices and ride the wave of change. Together as partners, we’ll turn the wins you envision into a solid, palpable reality. With profound market insights and a proven track record, we shape the future with you.

our mission


We’re dedicated to reshaping the landscape of PR and digital solutions. Our focus it to empower businesses with smart choices, harnessing the transformative potential of digital PR. As catalysts for change, we are your partner in reaching new milestones and envisioning a successful future. With extensive market insight and a proven track record, we pave the path for your business’s advancement.

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