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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way that helps search engines like Google to find the information that companies publish on their website and helps in ranking the website against similar websites.

Here are some steps to get a high SEO ranking:

  1. Know your online customers:it all starts with understanding the customers’ behavior. Companies need to take into consideration when people search for a product or service that they are searching for a problem to solve. Firstly, is the awareness stage where the customers are aware of the problem that they need to solve, and they start searching for solutions by using broad terms. Secondly, is the consideration stage in this stage the customers understand their problem and start searching for solutions that fit their needs. They might search for keywords like location, product, or service. Thirdly, is the purchase stage, in this stage the customer finds the solution and is ready to buy. So, knowing your customers’ behavior will help in choosing the keywords in the web content that fit their needs.

  2. Use Keywords:keywords are the words and phrases customers use when they search for their problem. So, the important part of SEO is to match the words and phrases customers use on the website. Some tips will help in SEO ranking. First, is to add popular keywords and phrases to the content of the website. Second, use popular keywords that are relevant to your business and customers will search for them. Finally, do not overuse the keywords because this can negatively affect the website.

  3. Regularly update your content:updating the website content regularly will encourage the search engine to visit the website more. The more search engines visit the website the faster, they will be able to discover the content on the website and the website will rank high.

  4. Use meta tags in content: using meta tags is important because it helps to tell the search engine extra information about what the page and the content are about. Meta tags are meta description that describes what the website is about,
    the title which is displayed on the browser tab, and alternative text which is the text tagged on the media. Also, search engines can use meta descriptions in the search results.

  5. Stay updated with the SEO techniques:businesses should focus on always staying updated on what search engines are placing importance when ranking web pages. Businesses should always look out for keywords that are new and relevant to their products or services. Also, businesses should be updated with new searching behaviors and trending technologies like searching by voice or image.
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